Monday, May 1, 2017

Chapter 8

  • What drama will the death of Myrtle start with the other characters?
  • How do you think Tom will react to Myrtle's death?
  • Gatsby is a little crazy
  • Why does it feel like Gatsby and Daisy are married now? Will she leave him
  • What is Fitzgerald trying to tell us about Gatsby? If you think about it, the title is The Great Gatsby and so far he hasn't been that great

Monday, April 24, 2017

Chapter 7

  • Why doesn't Daisy's daughter play a bigger part in the book?
  • Are all of these secrets between Gatsby and Daisy hurting the relationships between "the group"(Daisy, Gatsby, Tom, Nick, and Jordan)?
  • Why doesn't Tom step in to confront Gatsby about trying to make a move on Daisy?
  • Do Daisy and Tom belong together? Gatsby and Daisy?
  • Is Fitzgerald trying to confuse us readers by switching up the cars? So why do they drive in different cars on the way into town and back?
  • Dr. T.J. Eckleberg's eyes again!!!
  • does Gatsby say "old sport" to show how he is better than others, or is it just the language people used to have in the old days?
  • I think that the valley of ashes represents death. The death of Myrtle

Chapter 5

  • Does Gatsby's house look like there's a party every night?
  • I love how Gatsby says "old sport", it makes it seem like he is better than everyone else without it making him seem like he's bragging
  • How would someone like Nick (who doesn't have a lot of money) live next to someone like Gatsby (who is one of the wealthiest people in the city)?
  • What does the pool symbolize

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Great Gatsby Chapter 3

  • Jay Gatsby is a legend. And so is his name :) 
  • I wish I had a chauffeur, it sounds so rich
  • How did Gatsby get all of his money?
  • Why would he have been a German Spy? what are you thoughts of Gatsby being a German Spy?
  • Is Gatsby hiding something from us?
  • Owl eyes? why does this book incorporate eyes so many times? even on the cover there are a set of eyes
  • Who is this guy that Jordan is sitting next to, why would Nick look familiar to him?
  • Does Gatsby make others feel small because he has so much money?
  • Nick is starting to have feelings for Jordan even though he feels like she is dishonest. However, he is still attracted to her. I think that he is just discovering the thrill that the lavish life has to offer and because of that he is attracted to her, because she is different.

Great Gatsby Chapter 2

  • Why did Fitzgerald use ashes? seems like ashes represent death, so why would he incorporate death in this part of the town?
  • The train that runs between the West Egg and New York reminds me of the light rail that we have
  • "their retinas are one yard high." Fitzgerald uses this metaphor to describe the character
  • the way he describes the person on the bottom of pg.23 catches your attention
  • what is an oculist?
  • So far i can tell that one of Fitzgerald's strengths is describing the scene and characters
  • Do you think it was awkward that Nick met Tom's mistress?
  • If you were to compare the valley of ashes to somewhere in our world where would it be? is there any place like the valley of ashes?
  • Does George Wilson have any idea of Tom's affair?
  • doesn't really relate to the book, but I just got an email from Morningside college. cool
  • What is the first image you see while thinking about the affair apartment?
  • Jay Gatsby. I love his name
  • Why would Nick choose to drink for the 2nd time at this party?
  • Is drunk Nick different than normal Nick?
  • If i were a character in this book i would hate Tom. Everything he does pisses me off
  • Did things go to plan for Nick and Tom?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Chapters 22-24

Chapter 22

  • What curiosities does James have about his mother's family's synagogue? And why did he go all the way to Suffolk, couldn't he have just gone to Dee Dee and ask her?
  • Does Ruth already know who Aubrey Rubinstein? 
  • If you were James, would you go back to your parents home town? do you think that James would be more curious than you?
Chapter 23
  • The chapter is called "Dennis". This isn't the first time that I have said that I love how this author uses short simple titles, but still get the message across what the chapter is about
  • Would Dennis be a good person for James to meet?
  • Was it previous events that made Ruth decide to embrace the Christian life, or was she just ready for change?
  • I feel like something bad is going to happen to Dennis, because if she is so happy then she would still be with him
Chapter 24
  • If you were in Ruth's shoes, how would you feel going back to a place like that church?
  • What made Ruth change her mind on what she though the place was like?
  • What has Ruth learned about trust?